Monday, October 02, 2006

Lost Lemming Located

Miami, Fl- Miami-Dade police announced today that it was calling off its search for a missing lemming. They are sad to report that it has been found and unharmed.

The police were first notified early Sunday morning to the fact that a local lemming, known as Kanrei, had been missing for a few days. The absence was first noted by readers of the daily blog run by the lemming. No word yet as to how exactly a lemming was able to run a website, but from all reports it was not done well.

At 7:30pm local time Kanrei was spotted walking along the Turnpike. He was nude except for a pair of Spiderman under-roos and slightly dazed. When asked how exactly he came to find himself in that predicament, he could only say “Yom Kippur so hungry.”

At press time, Kanrei was unwilling to answer any questions. He claims to “hate the press”, but we know that cannot be and attribute it to his hunger-induced daze. We hope to get a few words with him in a day or so. The doctors report that he should be back to cliff-chasing in no time.

Police are offering a reward to anyone who can locate this “Yom Kippur” person. He seems to be the only one able to account for Kanrei’s whereabouts.


Serena Joy said...

LMAO! Lemming 1, Establishment 0.

Variant E said...

Lemmings....crafty little suckers...

RexZeitgiest said...

I want a recount!