Thursday, October 05, 2006

Excuses are Like...

By Kanrei

Excuse number three was revealed today and it’s a good one. I lost the pool, but that is fine with me really. I did not expect “Alien Abduction” to be used…yet. I was thinking more like “part of the war on terror” or something like that.

The first excuse used by Team Foley was that the poor reprehensible Representative was an alcoholic. There seems to be a lot of that going around these days. Maybe we should consider banning the stuff. It made Mel Gibson become a temporary anti-Semite and now has turned Mark Foley into a raging horn dog. All pot does is make you eat really weird things.

The second excuse was courtesy of Team Foley’s legal representation. David Roth, the lawyer claimed that Foley was abused by clergy while growing up and admitted that his client was gay. Clever move I think because now he can hide behind the banner of “why are you gay-bashing me?”

This would have been “much ado about nothing” until the spin and cover-ups. Who really cares about a gay Congressman who is flirting with 17 and 18 year old pages really? I wouldn't waste one letter on it to be honest, but a cover-up is so much fun.

Before excuse number three I must get something legal out of the way. **Must Credit the DRUDGE REPORT** He broke the story and should get full credit for its release.

Now for excuse number three from Team Foley and the one that cost me the pool: a teen prank gone awry. According to Matt Drudge, the page named [NOT HERE] has revealed it started as a prank that went too far. He claims that the page “goaded an unwitting Foley to type embarrassing comments that were then shared with a small group of young Hill politicos.”

The report does specify that only the IM’s between Foley and the page were a prank. While there is sympathy if he did resign over a prank, this does not mean that the others were pranks as well. It probably means that the page got the idea for the prank from stories of Foley’s behavior, but that is my guessing.

Now that we have alcoholism, priest abuse, and prank out of the way I think I am going to double my money this week on “Alien Abduction.” I am feeling lucky.


Variant E said...

You could use the old Steve Martin line "I forgot". "Mr Foley, why did you try and seduce teenage pages?" shouts the reporter. "Because I forgot morals, ethics, and laws", claims Mr. Foley. "Oh, see, he simply forgot!" cries the unwitting public.

Kanrei said...

Or the ever famous "Well, Excuuuuuuuusssseeeee meee!"

RexZeitgeist said...

Who is 'Foley'?

Dan said...

While the whole "I forgot" sthick worked for Reagan, Foley doesn't have half his on camera charisma or acting ability. Reagan got away with so much evil shit by using that one. "Mr. President, why did we just nuke China?" "Wellll, I don't remember doing that."

Gal said...

The prankster made me do it! Yeah, that will stand up in the court of public opinion,