Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Distracted Yet? The Truth is Out There

By Kanrei

Is anyone else sick of hearing about “Mark Foley”? I know I am. Yes the guy is a pervert, but he is gone now. Can we please discuss the fact that Condi Rice did get briefed by Tenet and is lying now? I do not think that is too much to ask for.

The right is all up in arms right now accusing the left and the media of a coordinated attack on the GOP one month before the elections. They are acting like Foley did nothing wrong. They are bringing up some Democrats who did the same thing in the 80’s, but this is simply trying to justify your bad behavior by saying “Johnny did it too.”

What I find so interesting about the timing of this release is not its proximity to the November elections, but rather its proximity to Condi Rice being caught in yet another lie. I caught her in the lie she told on 9/10/06 and guaranteed the media would let it go in favor of 9/11 anniversary coverage and I was right. Now they are ignoring the big new of Tenet briefing her before the attacks.

I am not surprised at all to be honest. She thought “Bin Laden determined to attack inside the United States” was a historical document. I have never seen a historical document written in future tense, but so be it. It stands to reason that she would not understand the urgency of Tenet’s warnings. It also stands to reason that Condi “No one expected” Rice would simply plead negligent like she has so often before.

I do have to wonder why so many people continue to have faith in a group of people who, as of yet have not expected one single national crisis that has occurred despite numerous reports detailing warnings of just such events. Even worse, they have yet to properly respond to a single one of these events in a timely or proper manner. The “all clear” ground zero we are now learning did damage people’s health and the government knew this at the time. We know the levees were predicted to break in a storm stronger than a Cat 3 and the government knew this at the time. We know there were numerous warnings of Bin Laden wanting to hijack planes inside the United States and the government knew this at the time. Every time they have been questioned however it is always “no one expected that to happen”.

This Foley story was released by the GOP. The spin was too well distributed to all the important sources before hand. Rush was ready to go with the same “blame the Democrats” story that Fox and WND had ready to go. This is being done because the Rice story is more damning to the party and would cost them even more seats.

Remember the old saying, when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs the one that cries is the one you hit. The Republicans are crying more about this than anyone.


rex said...

Hey, now I am really angry....you beat me to the Halloween punch...YOU BASTARD!

Oh BTW, Love Condi she will make a great President....

I will post a story about Sandy Burgler and his 'pants of fire', just to commemorate this thread! Or maybe one about Maddy Albright and how she failed miserably at everything she attempted while in the Office of Secretary of State.....

Kim ill Jung anyone?

Serena Joy said...

I'm so tired of all these people. Grrrrr. It almost seems as though the only way to get any truth out of any of them is to accidentally read it between the lines.

Foley. Grrrr. The Excuse Machine is switched on. Yesterday, it was alcoholism. Today, it's molestation as a child.

Here in VA, they need to get rid of the 2 state senate candidates and put up new ones. George Allen is an imbecile who lets loose with racial epithets, and James Webb is credited with making such brilliant remarks as "it's a horny woman's paradise," speaking of female students at a military academy.

Send them all packing and elect some normal people.

Rant over. Sorry.

missouri-lisa said...

Condiliar will be discovered as the lying, unAmerican that she is.

This entire administration will soon be under investigation.

It can't be soon enough for me.

Dan said...

Heh, it's the mass media equivalent of the Jedi mind trick.

Waves hand, "This is not the Secretary of State You're Looking For."

Waves hand again, "You will go out and buy Bob Woodward's new book, and stop this blogging silliness."