Friday, October 27, 2006

POS PC and the MIA IT of Slack (AKA It's Friday)

I was writing about what a good Friday I was having. I had three very well written paragraphs all typed up and things were going swimmingly when suddenly my POS PC decided to remind me what level of Hell I worked in. The level is known as the “Computer Sloth Level” and while I cannot tell you if Hell can freeze over I can tell you my POS PC can and does.

Three paragraphs of sarcastic witty gold. Three paragraphs of the best prose I could write while trapped in an office and it got flatly rejected by the Frankenstein sloth. It was mid-sentence when it was all thrown into the cyber waste bin. Because I was writing while “in a zone” I cannot recreate any of it either. It is gone and all the fault of the MIA IT guy who is always “on his way” but never arrives.

Never arrives is kind of harsh to be honest, he does show up and fixes one thing and leaves. He “forgets” to fix the rest. He has had the extra memory my computer needs in his car for the last four days and he always will be here in an hour. The next day my computer has no new memory and is equally as slow as the day before. He was better when we paid him per job. Now that he is on a retainer he seems to put us constantly on the bottom of his list.

I am going to go for now, but I will do a real update when I get home. That computer works.


Serena Joy said...

Oh, man. I think Dante covered that level of hell. That blows that you lost some of your best stuff. I think I'd be firing that slacker IT guy.

RexZeitgiest said...

Just think of it this way...If that the worst you have to deal with today, its a pretty good day!