Friday, December 28, 2007

The Last Friday of @))&

Today is Friday and, in honor of it being the last Friday of @))& (or 2007 for those not Shift key literate.) I am going to request your New Year’s Resolutions to be placed here. Don’t worry, no one reads this blog so no one other than me will know if you lived up to it or not and no one listens to me anyway so your secret will be safe. I am just curious what types of resolutions are going to be broken next year.

My resolution is the following: to try my best to do everything exactly the same again this year. Now before you accuse me of having a cop out resolution you should remember some of my feats of this past year.

1. I quit smoking
2. I re-enrolled in school
3. I did not bounce as many checks this year as last
4. I kept blogging during those four months of total depression when I wanted to quit and am so happy I kept at it.
5. I am happy
6. I am alive
7. I am employed with a great job for great pay
8. I am loved by my family and friends

I would call that a very successful year overall and I would be stupid to try anything that would alter this path IMHO. I instead should do all I can to stay on this path and keep moving forward so that is my resolution. What’s yours?

On a side note, I have a question for everyone: what failed so horribly in my last post? Was it the dialogue? Was it the subject? Was it just stupid? Where did I lose you? How far did you get before you stopped reading? I really want to know because I always learn more from failure than success and that last post was a total and complete failure.


VE said...

Besides my usual three resolutions (Live forever, achieve total consciousness, and have absolute power) I think I'll grow a third ear. I'm not sure where but considering the first two are wearing down, I think a third would be handy...

Serena Joy said...

I'm not making any resolutions, but I'm alive, reasonably happy, and doing pretty much whatever I want to do. I figure why mess with the status quo?

And you, kiddo, are doing fine! Happy New Year, Kan.:)

Nessa said...

I wish you a very Happy New Year, just the same as your last year. You were very successful, weren't you?

VE said...

Come on Kan, you haven't written anything this year!!!!

Camille Alexa said...

Man, your last year sounds incredibly productive, to me. Between your numbers 1,2,& 6, I think you're doing better than the vast majority of people in the world. Maybe you're too smart to be consistently happy all the time. There are worse things (see #6).

Thank you for being such a blogfriend this past year. I know I've dropped out of the game somewhat, but this post has inspired me to be more positive about the things I DID manage to accomplish last year, instead of focusing on the things I feel went awry.

Thank you, congratulations on all you've done, and again: Happy New Year.