Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bonus Hump-Day Rant

It is perfectly safe to throw stones once your glass house is shattered and good old Mike Huckabee is happily tossing boulders from his shell of an abode. His release of a rapist as Governor of Arkansas and his 1992 desire to segregate people with AIDS are damaging enough to his campaign, but now stating that Mormons believe Jesus and the Devil are brothers is just wonderful. Obviously, a world where Muslims and Jews and Christians constantly try to off each other is not enough for this “preacher”. No, he wants to return to the good old days of Catholic vs. Protestant and Christian against Mormon. Infighting is the way of the future and the future is now!

No longer is simply accepting Christ as your personal savior enough to get you into the Promised Land. Sorry to all my fellow Jews out there seeking to be perfected. You see, you need to also decide what flavor of savior is the right one. Jesus Christ is the product, much like a television or a radio, but pick the wrong brand and you are screwed. Sorry Sony, the correct answer was Magnavox. The warranty you bought for this Jesus only gets you out of Hell. To actually enter the Kingdom of G-d, you need to buy this Jesus. Order now and we will include a Saint and two Angels at no extra cost.

Maybe it is just that Rudy and Mitt got so much attention for their lover’s spat that Mike just wants in. Maybe Preacher Mike is getting confused thinking a Chuck Norris endorsement makes him tough through osmosis. I am not sure, but I do know to judge a man not by his words, but by his actions. Preacher Huckabee so far does not seem like a man of G-d to me, or, at the very least, not like a man of a G-d worthy of being worshipped. He must have read his bible sometime in becoming a preacher, so I wonder how he missed “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”


Nessa said...

Jesus told his disciples to leave a town that did not want to hear their messages, shaking the dust off of their sandals as they leave, so where did shoving your religious beliefs down the throats of others become a Christian act?

VE said...

People will eat goat balls and watch reality TV; do you really think they can't be delluded into believing whatever some control freak wants to tell them?

Good post, Kan

Kanrei said...

I really hope I am not over-politicking you guys. I know you are not fans of politics and I really tried to avoid this subject due to its "my faith can kick your faith's ass" nature, but I couldn't any more. I understand faiths saying crap about the other faiths although I don't like it, but to begin splitting hairs in a single faith is too much. How much "us versus them" do we really need?

I was also giving Preacher Mike a pass seeing as he was not a real candidate until now. Today, he leads Iowa. He has gone from joke to unfunny front runner.

Nothing shocks me any more. These are people who already believe a supernatural all knowing spirit created them for the sole purpose of worshiping him, testing us, and punishing us for failing said tests. There is no love in most of these people's faith.

Steve Buchheit said...

"My God was an Honors Student"

Hey, I've got the 50% off indulgence coupon for a strawberry flavored Jesus. Mmmm, strawberry.

VE said...

On the contrary, you're one of the only political comment things I ever read. I find it refreshing to hear about things that I normally don't bother to pay attention to. Like the Writers Strike; if you hadn't done some commentary on it I probably wouldn't have known anything about it other than it was going on. Now it's my latest song parody!

Nessa said...

Is there anything more vicious than inter-faith scabbles? Most of the Inquisition was cutting out so-called heretics, Christians who didn't follow dogma to the letter. We hate those closest to us most of all. It's ridiculous. It's like fighting over whether Jesus' favorite color was blue or red.

Kanrei said...

I think Jesus loved Mauve personally. The sad truth of mankind seems to be that we are so in love with the concept of an "underdog" that we secretly do all we can to create the myth that the underdog is us. We cannot really show the true depth of our love unless in it in the form of defending something we love or attacking something we don't. Either way, feeling like we are under attack from numerous places and sources is the only way most people ever really feel a bond to their faith.