Tuesday, December 04, 2007


So this is what “Post Number Five Hundred” feels like. Not really much different than “Post Number Four Hundred Ninety-Nine” to be perfectly honest. I imagine the next couple of posts, perhaps even the next fifty or so, will feel pretty much the same.

I imagine I will stop keeping count for a time now that a landmark has been reached. Free from numbers, they will once again be simply posts and not steps towards a goal. They will return to a rambling flow from a subconscious grown bored by a stagnate reality and then one day, I will find myself looking back at “Post Number Five Hundred” with longing and nostalgia.

I will wonder what it must have felt like to achieve five hundred posts. I will tell myself that I hope I took time out to acknowledge such a milestone for a person who quits most everything he has ever tried that he did not get instant success. In fact, success is still that carrot dangling in front of this jackass behind the keyboard.

I guess five hundred posts is much like a birthday. You don't really feel it until a long time has passed and, once you realize its gone, you ache to feel what it was like just once. What is the old expression: youth is wasted on the young?

Thank you for inspiring me, prodding me, and believing in me for the last 500 posts and for the next 500 to come.

KHWL Lemming-time: fifteen minutes after the hour.

And now, for something completely different...


Steve Buchheit said...

Give us SLACK!

(sorry, automatic reaction).

Congrats on 500, Kanrei.

Kanrei said...

The best thing the Subgenius faith ever said was something like:

The black words on the white paper are meaningless. It is the white words on the white paper that is affecting your subconscious, altering your neurons, and forever changing the way you will see the world.

VE said...

Congrats my friend. I'll get there someday too.

Serena Joy said...

Happy freakin' 500!:)