Sunday, December 02, 2007

Be It Ever So Humble..

A lemming takes a vacation a tad bit differently than most people do. When a lemming decides to take a substantial time off from work, a rare feat at that, he tends to take the vacation from all his usual activities in addition to those work related. If he tends to drive a great deal during his normal life for example, he may choose to avoid cars for the length of his vacation. I hope that lemming lives in a small town, but it can be done. I had no car the year I lived in Boulder and got along just dandy. This is the reason I have not updated my blog in, what is it now, eleven days?

I plan to have a new rant for tomorrow night, so I would expect it when you wake up Monday morning. I hope you all had a great turkey day. I did miss you all, but it would hardly be a real vacation if I blogged during it. A vacation is a vacation from all you do, not just parts.


Nessa said...

This makes perfect sense, sort of. I'm still hurt that you need a vacation from us.

VE said...

You can fool the lemmings some of the time time but you can't make them pick their nose (or some sort of proverb here)

I see through this veil; you just wanted to get away from all of us just like nessa pointed out too...

Hope you had fun though.

Charles said...

Hope the vacation was as relaxing and refreshing as you desired. BTW, you can quit holding your breath now, since I know you breathe most of the time while working, and even blogging. :)
Welcome back, I wondered why we hadn't seen you at SJ's. I'll make sure she punishes you, after all she does own you. hahahahahahahaha