Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oops, They Showed No Judgement Again

Britney Spears little sisters is preggers, but it gets better.

Britney Spears little sister is only 16, but it gets better.

Britney Spears little sister stars in a wholesome Nickelodeon show and is a role model to little girls between 9-14 everywhere, but it gets better.

Britney Spears little sister met her baby’s daddy at Church, but it gets better.

Britney Spears little sister’s baby’s daddy was supposedly 19 at the time, which could make this statutory rape, but it gets better.

Britney Spears little sister’s mother was in the process of releasing a book on how to raise children the Christian way, like she did.

Looking at Britney Spears and little sister I have to wonder how much of an expert mommy is on the subject of child raising. Child exploiting I am positive she is the Dali Lama of, but raising I honest can’t say. It does make me wonder how much of Britney's weirdness can really be blamed on the Brister and how much is a direct result of mommy dearest.

I forget the movie that said it, but the quote applies: you need a license to get married or to drive a car, but they let any asshole be a parent.

On a semi-related note, this is funny. Jessica Simpson worked (and failed) for years to get out from under the shadow of Britney. Now, Ashlee Simpson, Jessica's younger sister, who was releasing a major career re-start on December 19th is finding herself trapped under the shadow of Britney's little sister. December 19th is the day Britney's little sister announced. Isn't that ironic? Don't ya think?


VE said...

And thanks for straigtening out my celebratramp mixup; funny we posted on the same topic...

Kanrei said...

Like minds and all...

This was a gift for me. I could not write about Huckabee again. I have one written, but I am going to file it for later. THis was more fun.

Loved your take. I think you need the "Zoey Christmas Special" where they explain that Zoey is still a virgin and this is a miracle.

VE said...

That is a GREAT idea...Christmas miracle...guess I should just consult with you before posting stuff; you've got some good creative ideas

Serena Joy said...

I think it's probably a secret signal that Armageddon is about to begin.

Somebody PLEASE take the Christmas Miracle Virgin idea and run with it. It HAS to be done. And it would be so much more fun than anything Huckabee could come up with.:)

Steve Buchheit said...

That would be "Parenthood," back when Keanu Reeves was actually an actor.