Thursday, December 06, 2007

Prayers to Omaha

An unimportant, worthless asshole went on a shooting rampage in an Omaha, Nebraska mall Wednesday and killed nine people, including himself. His suicide note declared his desire for fame as a reason for this stupid and selfish act. As usual, his name will never ever appear on this blog, but the names of those unlucky enough to have encountered this pathetic waste of sperm shall be immortalized here as they should be everywhere this story is reported on. Screw the guy who did it. Forget him and remember those we lost; especially at this time of year.

Gary Scharf, 48, a customer and resident of Lincoln
John McDonald, 65, a customer and resident of Council Bluffs, Iowa
Angie Schuster, 36, an employee
Maggie Webb, 24, an employee
Janet Jorgenson, 66, an employee
Diane Trent, 53, an employee
Gary Joy, 56, an employee
Beverly Flynn, 47, an employee

The names are from KETV Omaha's website. Please visit the site to learn a little about them.

Rest in Peace and my prayers to your families.


VE said...

I agree, what a shame.

Steve Buchheit said...

I'll just pass on a comment made in offcie conversation about this, "remember when people like this that wanted to off themselves would just go into their garages and do it in the privacy of their own homes and not worry if they would make the six o'clock news?"

Charles said...

It's really good of you to remember them like this.

Although this guy did it, I tend to think someone else created the monster, one doesn't get such ideas about one's self without every having heard such things from others. We do know that he stole the gun, so why wasn't that locked up properly?

I think there's still plenty of room for a prosecution, I just don't know exactly which parts are illegal, and which really should be illegal. I think saying things to kids, or about kids in a negative way even if its to someone else is wrong, since it forms their self-image.

Serena Joy said...

What an awful thing this was.:(

Camille Alexa said...