Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's (Not) Friday Still

Guess what- it’s not Wednesday either. That last one I myself just found out, a full two hours into my work day. How exactly did I do those first two hours thinking it was yesterday anyway? One would think I would notice the date on that calendar I use as a vital part of my daily chores. You know, like finding out how many patients there are tonight and how many techs will be needed. Somehow I seemed to have gotten it all done correctly while still ignoring that “Thursday, December 6” at the top of my page.

“So, if today is in fact Thursday, why the hell are you doing your Friday post today?”

Tomorrow is our Christmas party and I will be otherwise occupied during that window of opportunity that allows me to do “It’s Friday.” I suppose I could blog from the party, but I have no laptop and borrowing my mother’s blackberry, while an option, is just not that Smurfy of a way to blog. Thumb-cramps and all ya know…

So, what is on my mind today? Nothing actually. Nada. The big zero. There may be a tumbleweed rolling around somewhere in my mind, but that is about it. I cannot even think of any clever way to work Kiefer Sutherland, star of 24, getting 48 days in jail for DUI. I know there is a joke there and I am positive VE has already thought of it and worked into one of his brilliant song parodies, but I’ll be damned if I can see it just yet. It’s probably just too early for me to be blogging. My mind is still asleep I think. The joke will come to me at a moment when there is no computer anywhere near me. It always works out that way.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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