Friday, December 14, 2007


I feel I should apologize if I offended anyone's beliefs with yesterday's rant. I am afraid of heights and it should seem obvious that an acrophobic should avoid the proverbial high-horse, but I tend to see the tiny details and miss the big picture. I think the expression is something like “can't see the forest for the trees” or something like that. Either way, I am sorry if I offended anyone.

Why the need to apologize?

Well, there is one paragraph that bothered me before I posted yesterday's rant, but laziness forced me to keep it in. I was then going to take it out later in the day, but felt that would be censoring myself, so an update would be in order. I tried an update, but the warning before the post I knew would keep people from reading it and one after the fact would kind of defeat the purpose of a warning.

The following program contained graphic depictions of violence and intimate details of both hetero and homosexual activites. Children should have been cleared from the room; hopefully long before that scene with Santa and the Easter Bunny...

I am going to have to apologize for that “Santa and the Easter Bunny” crack tomorrow, aren't I? Anyway, I posted “Oh, and for the record, Jesus was killed by the Romans (the place the Catholic Church is based out of)” in a post that was celebrating the actions of a Muslim kid who rose to defend a Jewish couple being attacked in a subway. In my celebration, I took things a tad bit too far.

Kanrei, you are being silly here. There is no need to apologize for that.

Yes, there is actually. There is a slight “Catholic bash” in that sentence that I did not feel when I wrote it nor did I notice it; the paragraph was just not sitting right with my conscious when it bothered me. It wasn't until re-reading my post hours later that I noticed exactly what it was that was bothering me. It seems in my being so happy that one faith stood up for another faith that the cliché dictates must hate each other that I then infered the Catholics killed Jesus. You may not have seen that there, but I do and it bothers me greatly. I rant and rave against all these people who put their beliefs above other's in importance and here I am doing the exact same thing.

I am honestly sorry if I offended your faith, particularly at this time of year when we should be coming together.


Steve Buchheit said...

I for one don't think an apology was necessary. I saw the comment as a history trail (ie. the Catholics, needing support and moeny from the Romans, having kissed the Jews off, play down the fact that it was Roman nails, Roman wood, and Roman soldiers involved in the crucifixtion, so instead made the story into a frame-up job perpetrated by the Jews and got cosy with the Romans and all their lucre).

Kanrei said...

Thank you. Talking about faith is hard and talking about someone else's faith even harder. An innocent statement can easily be heard as offensive and I value all of you too much to risk offending. I will not hide what I think, but I need to be very careful of how I say it.