Monday, July 02, 2007

And the Heat Goes On Where The Hands Has Been

The “Great Smoke Out” rages on and, unlike other “Great Smoke Outs” I have been apart of in the past, there is no risk of incarceration with this one. In fact, my parents are actually supporting me in this one and helping out financially with the cost of the drugs. My parents buying me drugs…oh how times have changed.

First let’s get the side effect saga out of the way- they are continuing pretty much unabated. This could be due to the fact that yesterday was the first “double dose day” and those side effects I got used to just got a recharge. I am not positive, but they are more minor inconveniences rather than full-on dilemmas worthy of worry. I have had headaches and stomach problems before and I am sure I will have them again so having them now is really just a rehearsal for when I get sick next time. A little discomfort is worth the trade for the smoke free years to come.

As far as smoking goes, I am lighting almost exactly the same number of cigarettes I lit last week, but I am smoking a whole lot less of them. I have gone from being a cigarette smoker to being a cigarette lighter. Expensive yes, but much more healthy and I know that Wednesday is my last day of lighting them. After that I will be on a steady diet of lollipops to help combat the oral fixation I already know the pills will not be helping with. My poor pens cannot wait until I get those suckers.

The bright and happy news is that I have already bought my last pack of cigarettes. With a little luck I will even have a few left on Thursday to have encased in glass. Yes, the same idea from “The War of the Roses.” I always loved that DeVito’s character in that movie had his last cigarette, his “next cigarette”, encased in glass. He promised himself that the next cigarette he would smoke would be that one and he could not smoke that one because he had it encased in glass. As a result, he never smoked again. I plan on doing the same exact thing. A trophy I am going to give myself for a job well done.

A reward for quitting something: oh the irony.

More later. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.


Serena Joy said...

I can't wait to see a picture of your trophy cigarette. I think it's going to be soon!

Parents buying their kids drugs. Who'd a-thunk it?:-)

Kanrei said...

Feeling inspired yet? Just kidding. I am NEVER going to become one of THOSE ex-smokers. When I smoked I did not feel the need to turn others on to smoking so why would I now feel the need to spread the quitting vibe?

My parents bought me drugs in college, they just thought they were buying books. This is the first time they know they are doing it and, ironically, it is to get me off a drug.

Serena Joy said...

I'm not exactly ready to take The Big Step yet, but I can now see that it CAN be done. Soon, maybe!

littlebirdblue said...

I don't think it would be jerky to give support to a fellow smoker by telling them the results of quitting are worth it. O, and they are.

O, and I feel the same way about meat. I'm not a non-meat-eater who thinks everybody else should be the same way. I mean just because I think it's totally gross doesn't mean you have to. Chomp away, my carnivorous friends. Chomp away.

O, and I'm not going to lie and say cigarettes don't still look good to you even after you haven't smoked for ten years; they do. Your brain just doesn't think about it for very long, so it's easy to move on.