Thursday, July 19, 2007

Babylon and On and On and On

Today I have on my mind nothing at all. Sure there is the constant “I want to go home” and the ever-present “is it five yet” which is a close relative to “I want to go home.” There is also the “I’m bored”, “I’m kinda tired”, the recent addition of “I want a cigarette”, but nothing really of interest to Lemmings is happening between my ears right now.

The boycott of politics is going great thus far however. It may even extend well into next year in fact which is tragic since there is an election next year, but none of these losers have earned the right, the privilege, the honor of a Kanrei Lemming House Endorsement. They are each pathetic and symbolic of the flaws in a democracy with capitalist leanings- the people with the most money win, not the best candidates. It disgusts me to be quite frank.

I feel the number of donors you have should count more than the amount of money you collect. One hundred people giving $10 may be the same amount of money as ten people giving a hundred, but one person has only ten supporters while the other has 100. In today’s political landscape the guy with ten supporters would win simply due to their larger donations and therefore perceived more powerful supporters. Is that not pathetic?

I am not saying we should abandon either democracy or capitalism per say, but we certainly need to segregate the two so they do not have such influence on one another. Honestly speaking the two really have nothing to do with each other. One is a system of picking leaders and the other is a business model. Somewhere along the road we decided the two terms were interchangeable and co-dependant.

But I really have nothing on my mind today....


Camille Alexa said...'s that political boycott going?

Scary Monster said...

Jeez fer someone with nothin on yer mind ya sure gave me a lot of mental bubble gum to chew on.


Kanrei said...

Just wait until there is something there...