Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sharing Time at the Lemming House

So it seems today that I just cannot stop (yawn), sorry. As I was saying, I just cannot stop (yawn), sorry again. One more time- it seems all day long today (yawn) I cannot stop (yawn) yawning. I am not (yawn) tired or anything per say. I know I got plenty of (yawn) sleep last night, but I still am (yawn) yawning every few minutes. My jaw is getting a great stretch, but my (yawn) eyes tend to water when I yawn and (yawn) I am getting tired of wiping them. Getting tired only means more (yawn) yawning to come.

Other than the (yawn) yawns it seems I have nothing particularly to blog about today. I just felt the need to pass on the yawns and to see if they are contagious if you don’t see them, but still know they are happening. So, how many times have you yawned while reading this post?

Oh, and welcome to the Lemming House Sprinkle4. Always happy when a lemming makes it home; one less for me to worry about.


sprinkle4 said...

You are too kind! Thank you for the warm welcome into your home. Please don't mind me if I start rearranging things.

Oh, and 3 times. If I could only pass them on to my kids, it would be a great day.

Serena Joy said...

Apparently, I'm in pretty good shape. No yawns here.:)

joanie78 said...

even after the day I had today..
No yawns...

Scary Monster said...

Me be hap(yawn)py that you be makin progress with the cigs(yawn), but(yawn) me wishes you didn't start talkin bout this sub(yawn)ject.
Me picks up on(yawn)people's ya,ya(yawn)yawns like a mime workin in the park. Me goin to(yawn)sleep now.


P.S. Don't (yawn) ask me about the mime.

Camille Alexa said...

What about the mime?

Kanrei said...

He said don't ask