Friday, July 06, 2007

Thanks for the Earworm and Happy Friday

How does one take a good Friday and make it painful? Simple actually, just have your co-workers listen to a top-40 station while you are working. A song you never heard before in your life at 10am becomes the earworm of noon and will haunt you for the remainder of your day.

My earworm is a redundant one and I hope to G-d you have no idea what song it is, but let me just say that you should avoid the “Umbrella-Ella Ella” song at all costs or else you may find yourself repeating the last syllables of various words-rds-rds-yeah-yeah. Repeating certain words-rds-rds-yeah-yeah. Oh how this earworm is not making quitting smoking any easier-ier-ier-yeah-yeah-yeah/ not making it any easier-ier-ier-yeah-yeah-yeah.

On the quitting front there is good news- I have only had one today so far. I am finding that keeping them with me is actually making it easier to avoid. I was thinking non-stop yesterday about them simply because they were no where near me. Today I know I can have one at any time and it has made all the difference. The other thing I have done is taken everyone else out of the quitting equation. This was more valuable than I had thought it would be.

When I decided to quit smoking I felt I was too weak to do it on my own. I went around and told everyone who would listen that I was quitting. I felt that if every knew I would have more pressure to quit. I was right about the pressure, but wrong about it helping me quit. Instead it created this idea that I was doing it for other people. I was letting them down if I lit one. Pressure and stress placed upon a person trying to quit their pressure and stress crutch was not the brightest of ideas I have ever had.

Today is a different day than yesterday and not just because I am properly medicated, but rather because today I do not care about any one else in relation to my smoking. This is now done for me and me alone. If I smoke then I wanted to smoke and that is fine and if I do not smoke that is all the better: there is no failure or success in this, nothing to win or lose.

Of course, the bright side of smoking is a quicker death and possible release from my earworm-orm-orm-yeah-yeah-yeah/ relief from my earworm-orm-orm-yeah-yeah-yeah.


Serena Joy said...

I don't know which is worse, the earworm or the withdrawal pangs. I think that knowing the ciggie is "there," just in case, is going to help you a lot. In other words, you won't feel so forsaken and you'll have the power.

Scary Monster said...

Me might piss off a few altruists (iffin there really be such an animal) by saying this, but if you are going to do anything good in the world it only because you have a selfish seed of thought that took root and propeled you into action for the sake of yourself. Doing something for someone else always leaves you short of motivation and two feet away from success. Keep on keeping on!


Camille Alexa said...

I hope to G-d you have no idea what song it is, but let me just say that you should avoid the “Umbrella-Ella Ella”...

Don't know it. From what you say, that's a good thing?

sprinkle4 said...

Why did you do this to me?! It is almost 11 p.m. where I am and, because I do know this song, it will be in MY head for the rest of the night!!:)

And I agree with you about telling others in the hope that it would doesn't. Just makes 'em look at you every 5 minutes wondering when you're gonna light up.

I'm going to go try to get that song out of my head-ed-ed now.:)

Camille Alexa said...

You guys make me want to go listen, just so I can know the torment.