Tuesday, July 24, 2007

T-Minus 3 Days

Simpson’s Day is almost here. Is there anything else happening in the world today? Yes. Does anything else compare to the fact that Simpson’s Day is almost here? Not a chance in Hell. Nothing short of a nuclear blast could overshadow Simpson’s Day and the nuke would only do it because of the lack of power that would come with the blast. One cannot watch a movie if there is no power so as long as there is electricity then nothing can overpower the joy of Simpson’s Day!!! All praise Homer!!!

This Friday there is no excuse for not going to see the movie. Nothing else matters. NOTHING!!!! Nuf Said


Serena Joy said...

What is this Simpson's Day? You mean there's a Simpson's movie? I am SO behind the times. I heard about LiLo, though.:-)

Kanrei said...

Oh my yes there is a Simpson's movie starting this Friday! 18 years too late and unneeded by the creator's own words, but it is the Simpsons!!! I am so proud of how little advertising they are doing for this film. It can be either the biggest movie of the summer or an utter disappointment that blemishes the show forever.

My mom asked me the difference between me waiting for the Simpsons movie and those waiting for the last Harry Potter book. I told her it was simple- we have no crisis hot line set up.

Camille Alexa said...

Didn't you see S's mom's Simpson's character of herself? I thought it was way cute. Especailly since she put herself in a Bart-skeleton tee shirt.

Scary Monster said...

Me gonna rassle up a couple of albatross and see iffin they cain't fly me home fer the show.