Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Scooby Gang to the Rescue

It appears Ye Ole Lemming Abode is becoming an information hub for this “ mystery.” I am flattered and wish I had more information to give out about this, but it is as baffling to me as anyone else. All I can do is tell how I came to conclude it was that site causing the problem.

I blog from work quite often. I know I shouldn't, but I do. Today I found most of the sites I visited were not opening so I just assumed I got busted and they blocked those sites. They blocked MySpace a long time ago so it is not without precedent. Instead I figured I would just bop home during my lunch hour and see what was what out in bloggerspace. Yes, I am that addicted to blogging, but that is not the point of this post. At home I found my favorite sites would still not open so obviously it was not the IT guy who blocked me, but something else.

While waiting and waiting and waiting for something, anything to open I noticed a weird message in my window. At work I use Internet Explorer, but at home I use FireFox and it tells me what exactly it is trying to open when opening a page. I am sure IE does the same thing, but I have no idea how to set it for that. Regardless, I noticed it said “connecting to” and was stalled. I closed my window, opened a new one, and tried a different address. The same thing came up. Again and again I tried various addresses and got the same message every time.

With my lunch hour up I returned to work very confused, bothered, and determined to get my blogs back. I searched “” on yahoo and got nothing. The same with Google, but I was not going to give up. I tried instead “what is” and that is where I found that forum talking about the MySpace virus. The entire picture did not come together until SJ said she had some MySpace code on her page. I think that is how this is getting in and spreading.

I recommend going to here for more help.

I am going to continue looking for a cure for this until my friend's sites are back. Otherwise I might have to actually do work at boss reads this. I forgot. I mean to say “I am so busy I must spend this time at home to solve this.” I love you Boss.

UPDATE Charlie found a cure. Serena has used it and she is disease free. She has posted the cure.


Serena Joy said...

I have learned my lesson. I will never use MySpace image codes again. That's the only way I can figure I got infected, so I'll just go picture-free rather than use theirs again. Thank goodness the fix for this virus is so easy.

Kanrei said...

I just use the blogger picture thingie to post my pics. If I need animated I use...I forget, but it was one of those online photo album things. Hmmm, I wonder which one I have pics at anyway.