Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bloggers M.I.A.

Certain blogs appear to have disappeared. When trying to open them I get caught up trying to find some page called "" instead. When blogspot finally does open on those pages they are blank with the blogspot banner. So far the sites M.I.A. for me are:

1. Littlebird Blue
2. Parenthetically Speaking
3. Me No Blog
4. Delusions of Eloquence
5. Verbicidal Tendencies

My other usual haunts seem to be working fine...for now. The only information I can find about "" is that it appears to be a blog virus that affects MySpace. I cannot get more information from work, but here is the link to what I have found out so far.

The bad part about not getting many comments is that I am not going to know if I am one of the "down sites" and I am just blogging to myself right now. Funny this happens the same day I post this, huh?

Update Again They have been found sort of. They take on average five minutes for the text to load, but they are finally back. It only took three hours and the problem is only partially fixed (way to go blogspot), but at least they live again.


Anonymous said...

Hey,Kanrei...The sites opened for me...well,the first two did,..but they were slow to do so. Good to see you're still bloggin'! Have a good one,and catch ya later.

P.S....we're drafting for Fantsy football on friday...if you can find an extra(to keep an even #),come over to the PWZ for the sign-up info.Someone should be there tonight.

Later on!!

Serena Joy said...

Hi, Kan. I'm still alive, and you're up and running for me. I haven't been able to access my site since around noon, though. I can't find a Blogger addy to e-mail, so I've begged for help on the Help boards. We shall see. Some of my blogroll, I can access; some I can't. I can't get Littlebird to open. No matter how long I wait, neither of my blogs will load for me.

So you think I might have picked up a MySpace virus because I use some MySpace image codes? Damn! I knew freakin' MySpace sucked.

eric313 said...

MySpace sucks--indeed

Found you by googling

I was pulling my hair out trying to access my friends all day. At least this is something that can be fixed. But it's making posting a bizoch.

Is "Kanrei" short for "Gunji-no-Kanrei"? I used to be a Mechwarrior game fan, so the title of a Warlord is familiar through that means.

Other than that, thanks for being on the ball. I'm a chain smoking poet/writer, and I don't have the cool nerve to find answers right away, it takes me an hour or so to calm down then look at the situation. Good thing cooler heads prevail somewhere.

Kanrei said...

It is possible. MYSpace sucks.

Hi and welcome. "Kanrei" is from the Japanese word, but I basically picked it as a name over 15 years ago in college as a last name for my D&D and Vampire characters. I liked the "shogun's deputy" definition I found back then. Wasn't until the internet came about that I learned it was a historical position in Japan. I just assumed it was some minor little thing.

Great to meet you and I hope you come back again. BTW, it seems your blogspot site is bugged as well.

The Phantom said...

Hey Kan! Good to see you over at our house. You're welcome there any time!

The Phantom

Willowtree said...

I've been having that problem too, in fact I found you through a search for (I still haven't figured out what's going on) so far it only seem to affect Blogger sites, as I haven't seen it on TypePad yet.

Your site came up fine by the way.

Camille Alexa said...

Wow. So I did miss some excitement today.