Friday, August 10, 2007

Creatures of Habit and a Friday- To Go

I have been going to the same McDonald’s for lunch twice a week for the last seven years. It is right next to my office and, if timed properly, can be the quickest food you can get. Considering the nightmare that is parking at work, the speed of return is its largest selling point. The really big sodas are a close second with the great Mickey D’s fries coming in so close to second that it could be scored as 2.5 on the reason list.

Regardless of the reasons, I have been going to the same place for years now and ordering almost the same thing. For the last two years it has been the same thing- a number eight- large, with a Diet Coke (no ice) to go. Today I did not even have to place an order. I walked up to the counter and before I could say one word the cashier said to me “five-ninety-seven.” She handed me the large cup and gathered my meal and handed me my food- the correct order- without me uttering a single syllable. She even knew I wanted two barbeque sauces. I should have tipped her, but I was shocked somewhat and embarrassed.

Creatures of Habit suffer shame and embarrassment quite often I have found. We are easy to catch once someone figures out the pattern. I have been busted not buying certain things by the check-out people at the grocery store for example. “No tacos this weekend?” they have asked me more than once and it is really embarrassing when it happens. It makes you feel predicable: like you are going through life on auto-pilot or something. Now it has happened again in yet another place.

Do I switch my shopping pattern? Do I change stores? Do I alter my list? Or do I keep on shopping where I shop and buying what I buy and enjoy the fact that my face is memorable and that I have made an impression on these people? Of course, this could be revenge for the countless regular customers I used to mock in my pizza delivery days.

This was posted on the forum about the problem-

Blogger Employee View profile
More options Aug 10, 11:48 am

From: Blogger Employee
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 15:48:38 -0000
Local: Fri, Aug 10 2007 11:48 am
Subject: Re: Blog dissapeared except background

Great collaboration here! We did some digging around ourselves, and have found the same thing you have. It seems the problematic file lodged itself into your templates. As such, we've removed all instances of this file from any blog that had it, so your blogs should be as good as new, just as they were before. Let us know if you run into any further problems or difficulties. Thanks for everyone's reports and investigation!

Poll Results

I Would Rather:

Get drunk/ stoned 2 (25%)

Get rich 3 (37%)

Get laid 3 (37%)

Goto Church 0 (0%)

Wow did that poll idea suck or what? Happy Friday to all!



joanie78 said...

Isn't it nice to still be able to find that small town feeling in a large city?

Serena Joy said...

I think it's pretty cool when various checkout people know our habits so well. It does save time when they know what we want the second they see us. I do like to keep it interesting, though, by changing my habits every now and then. That shakes them up.:)

Thanks for the update on the virus situation.

Kanrei said...

It took me for a loop cause I was considering changing my order today. I was in a hamburger mood today, but got my chicken select strips as usual. It is nice when they open a new lane at the store for you when they notice you in a long line though. That rocks and is worth the shame.

Camille Alexa said...


Kanrei said...

Why does that not make me feel any better? You get points for the "Cheers" reference, but the Norm thing is depressing.

Diesel said...

You should start wearing disguises. Ronald McDonald would be a good one.

sprinkle4 said...

As a public service veteran, I will tell you that almost all people in the restaurant/grocery store industry LOVE people like you. You know what you want, you don't waste their time hemming and hawing,and you are probably sometimes the only normal customer they have in an entire day full of jerks, which makes you something to look forward to.

Scary Monster said...

Bein predictable ain't always a bad thing, especially iffin it gets ya throught the day without any major problems.

I think the poll thingy be really cool. Me don't have it on me blog this week cuz me be goin away. Iffin ya ask the right question, ya can get some truly cool feedback.

Me also loves Maurice Sendak and that pic be outta sight!

Stay Stompy.

Camille Alexa said...

But aren't we all creatures of habit? I fail to see your problem, other than perhaps it's a privacy issue. Perhaps you don't want your brain to be that transparent to total strangers.