Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Can Rite Good

Little Birdie has inspired me. She wrote 5000 words in one day so I must now attempt the same thing. Here I go. Wish me luck.

“Five-thousands words in one day.”

That was easier than I thought it would be. I might try to double it next time. Screw next time, I am going to double it now.

“Five-thousand words in one day. Five thousand words in one day.”

Do I rock as an author or what?


Serena Joy said...

Well, there's no denying it -- you wrote it. Yep, you rock as an author.:)

Kanrei said...

I am better than I though. On second count that is 15k in one day. Three times my initial goal. I am a writing machine.

Serena Joy said...

At this rate, we could all be friggin' genius writing machines. LOL.

Variant E said...

You are such a literal author!

littlebirdblue said...

I predict a bright future for this young man...

littlebirdblue said...

you know, ten or more thousand words in a day is totally doable, it just has a tendency to produce what author Justine Larbalestier refers to as "broken-brain syndrome". It's a bit hard for me to recover from in fewer than three days, in which case I might as well have stuck with the original 5k per, which is my normal week-day output goal for the 'writing' phases (not so, with the 'editing' phases).

Kanrei said...

I am in awe of people like you, SJ,and Roxan. You talk of writing like it is like getting dressed. You speak of finishing novels as if you were simply checking your watch.
"Yea, I have three finished and another two almost done."
People tell me I am a good writer, but I am not yet in the same league as you guys. I hope to get there though by steal...sucking up to y'all for tips.

First suck-up: I love May Geminis.