Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thinking of Each and Every One of You

Downside of things: I still have some numbness in my fingertips and find myself horribly behind on all my favorite blogs. I am clueless as to the happenings in the world around me since I only get my news from the internet and I am also dreadfully behind in the world of pop culture.

Upside of things: An old friend has invited me to see the sold out Roger Waters show with her on May 18th I believe it was. I have not really spoken to her much in the last decade, but have never forgotten her and am not sure if I am more excited to see Roger or her. Also, being so far behind on all my favorite blogs gives me plenty to do this weekend.

My physical therapist does not think it is carpal tunnel I have so much as a slipped disk. I am not sure if that is good news or bad, but I am slowly getting better. The splint at night and cold-packs during the day in addition to my stretches are working wonders. As Dave Mustane once wrote- time has a way of taking time. Healing is going slow and I cannot really do a real blog update just yet.

I miss all my fellow lemmings dearly and cannot wait until I can really type again. Until that day, avoid those cliffs!


Serena Joy said...

Yikes! How in the world did you slip a disk? Sure hope they get you fixed up and feeling better soon.

littlebirdblue said...

Slipped discs are pretty bad, K. Take care of yourself.