Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Not a June Gemini Sadly, but a Gemini Just the Same

The office manager’s water broke this morning. The soap opera has taken an unexpected turn today which is rather nice considering the horrible path the soap has taken as of late. I think we are just hours away from welcoming little Casey into the world and I am quite excited. No, the child is not mine, but she has been working with my family in one way or another for over twenty years and she is part of the family. My parents even feel like they are about to have a grandchild.

It is wonderful when something like this happens to someone who gave up on having kids years ago, yet deeply wanted to have one. She is going to be an amazing mother- I have no doubts about that. All one had to do was see how happy she was pregnant to know she is going to love every second of what is to come. She is probably still in a state of disbelief actually. I don’t think this will all sink in fully until little Casey’s 18th birthday.

The birth of Casey leaves us still with two other co-workers due to pop at any moment. I think the next is due in August. So much fun, especially when the kids to come are not yours. For me, kids are like puppies- I love other people’s but really do not think I want one of my own.

Congrats Babs and welcome to Miami Casey!

UPDATE False Alarm. There is still hope for a June birth. Just hold out two more days Babs and the world is blessed with another June Gemini. Down with May/ Up with June! June Geminis Rule!!!!


joanie78 said...

So nice to see your soft side .....

Variant E said...

Never thought I wanted kids either until I had them. Once you do, you cannot imagine not having them.

Serena Joy said...

As a May Gemini, I protest!

This is great news about Casey and her happy mom, though. But -- 2 more employees ready to pop? What's going on around there?:)

Kanrei said...

Don't protest silly May person. You are, after all, the second most important astrological (sp?) sign out there. May Geminis beat every other sign save for the June gemini. It is not June's fault we rock, don't be a hater =D