Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Choose Your Own Story Part III

I choose "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Say hi to Paris!"


Roxan said...

Isn't she just a waste of can't act space?

Serena Joy said...

I think Rosie O'Donnell should adopt Lindsay and Paris.

Kanrei said...

Yes, but her new movie features her as two people and at least one gets killed. There is promise there. Also, I hear she is playing a stripper so she is preparing her next career at the same time. Smart girl =D

Kanrei said...

That would be too cruel to do to Rosie. She annoys me, but do we really want to burden her with the LiLo trainwreck?

We must give LiLo some credit- it ain't easy to make Paris and Brittney look like decent people, but somehow LiLo does just that.

alex said...


Serena Joy said...

Honey, Rosie would put the fear in those girls right off the bat. Life with Rosie might work like military school on them. They might even turn into reasonable facsimiles of human beings just to get outta there.:)

littlebirdblue said...

That's not politics; that's the crap they sling at you to divert you from real political issues.

Kanrei said...

True, but it is soooooooo funny!