Monday, May 07, 2007

Typing Feels Good

I am back (I think)! My neck is stiff still and there is some tightness in my arm, but the pain is gone for the most part and feeling is slowly returning. My month-long Hell is just about over with until this time next year! You see, my body breaks down on a schedule that I am only now starting to figure out.

Every February I get the flu. Every May my left arm acts up. Every November my left knee swells. Every other September I get hit by a hurricane. It is good to have a plan I suppose and even better to figure it out. It appears I am now good until September since I did not get hit by a hurricane last year. I am ready.

I misspoke in my last post I am afraid and exaggerated the nature of my injury. It is not a slipped disk as much as a herniated one. That is far less of a major problem and I am sorry for the confusion.

Now all I need is something worth saying and my blog is back.


Serena Joy said...

If your problem is less than what you thought, then this is a GOOD thing. I hope September skips you again this year, but who knows? Nature seems pissed at everybody these days.

If you're looking for something worth saying, how about having a gander at the age-old question: What the hell IS the meaning of life?:)

the one and only... said...

Me hopes that you get both body and mind back in balance. Life's much better that way.

littlebirdblue said...

Hurricanes. Guh.