Monday, May 07, 2007


Serena has asked a very scary question. The nightmares you are about to have are to be blamed entirely on her and not I, your humble Lemming host. All I am here to do is to fulfill your requests and, as Serena is among the first Lemming to find her way home, I cannot deny her any request, no matter how damaging it may be to the psyche of the other Lemmings. I am positive she meant no harm in asking her question and it does appear on the surface to be a rather benign question, but considering whom she asked it of she should have known better. What is that old saying about the road to Hell and good intentions?

Here is Serena's question from the "Typing Feels Good" thread:
If you're looking for something worth saying, how about having a gander at the age-old question: What the hell IS the meaning of life?:)

Considering I am a person who sees infinite possibilities on how to get from point A to point B, this could be the most rambling post of my short blogging career. I mean the meaning of life? Wouldn't 42 just about cover that? Or how about that bumper sticker I saw in 1990 in Buffalo,NY at a Deadshow that simply said: "The Meaning of Life is to Give Life Meaning". Would that take care of life's lack of a real meaning?

Yes, you read that correctly- life has no meaning. None! No purpose or plan or rhyme or reason. Life is a blank slate that is a gift and a curse that each of us must define and assign a value to. Each life we live is certainly a step in some great journey no doubt, but the journeyman has no clue where he is going. He is just wandering about and smelling the flowers.

The common belief is that we are here to continue life; to reproduce and ensure our species existence, but that is rather shallow and short sighted to me. We exist only to continue existing? No wonder these people cling to ancient and archaic beliefs of invisible father-figures in the clouds.

If there is an invisible father-figure in the clouds then we are here only to provide entertainment to him. It is possible that each of us are a different show the invisible father-figure tunes into from time to time. Death is being canceled and reincarnation is being renewed. Reproducing is simply syndicating and spin-off shows. Omnipotence must be so boring.

Personally, I am still not yet convinced any of you really exist outside my warped mind and I realize talking to myself is a sign of insanity so I decline to answer the question on the grounds in may incriminate me.


littlebirdblue said...

Lemmings have to be careful where they tread, because there is bound to be a long line of their fellows in their wake.

Serena Joy said...

Wow! You actually undertook to answer the question. A man who does what I say. Who'd a-thunk it?:)

After a bit of back and forth and quite neatly ordered postulation, you've reached the same conclusion I have. The meaning of life is: Zilch. Nada. Bupkis. Which doesn't mean that we shouldn't grab it and make the most that we can from it. In other words, it means absolutely nothing separate and apart from whatever meaning we assign to it.

I am not at all convinced that I exist. I think every once in a blue moon. According to Descartes, that's proof of existence, but I'm not buying it. How do I know I'm not simply somebody's bad dream? There's a thought.

Scary Monster said...

Horton hears a who.


Serena Joy said...

Who it is, Scary?

Roxan said...

I agree there is no meaning to life. The evidence is around us every day. My neighbors for example. LOL

Variant E said...

Life? Isn't that the board game with the little plastic people in the car where you'd randomly fill it up with plastic kids and they'd pay you at the end for having all of them? What an odd design to have come up with.