Sunday, March 02, 2008

VH-1's Celebrity Unglued

I was flipping through channels last night and I came across MTV and noticed that "Unplugged" was about to come on. This lead to three separate, but related thoughts.

1. Wow, "Unplugged" is still on!
2. Wow, MTV is showing a music show.
3. It is time for that eye exam, because that did not say "MTV Unglued."

Yes, I inadvertently created what I believe is going to be the next Celeb-reality show for MTV/VH-1 productions: Unglued. It follows a natural progression from "The Surreal Life," to "The Surreal Life Fame Games," to the Tom Sizemore show, to "I Love New York," to "Celebrity Rehab"... not that I watch any of those shows or anything like that...

Right now all these celebrities are getting knocked up, drunk, arrested, drugged, rehabbed, and the only ones profiting from it are TMZ and other paparazzi hives. This show would give these fame obessed celebrites the chance to have their freak outs, have it still be public, yet can also make a buck or two at it. Britney needs the cash I bet. She could possibly even get VH-1 to underwrite her care.

Why am I typing this stuff on my blog right now? This is a show idea and I am giving it away for free. Screw that! Viacom, call me.


VE said...

Excellent idea Kan. Can I get a souvernier piece of shrapnel from the next celebrity car one of them destroys? Thanks.

Serena Joy said...

When Viacom calls you, could I get a production assistant position? There's a lot of stuff I could do to help you ride herd on these celebs. And I promise I won't hit them. Of course, that could be a whole 'nother show.:)

sprinkle4 said...

Okay, can I play the part of Shelley on the Rehab segment of your show? I have a pair of oversized outdated glasses around here somewhere and I can be really patronizing on cue! Please, please! (Plus, I can leave my hair uncombed for a couple of days)