Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kanrei Strikes Back

Hello and welcome to KHWL on the Blogger dial. The time is fifty-four minutes after the hour and Kanrei is still fired at this time. Even worse, it appears he reads this blog which is actually a shocking shock of shocking proportions (although we should be happy SOMEBODY reads this blog). Today, upon breaking into his home, we found a note. Since it was not addressed to us, we naturally assumed it was meant for us and therefore opened said note. In it we found these words, although we did not find them in this order.

Dear KHWL,
I am honored diagonally forward from the heat in appreciation of your constant need of my words. Falcon droppings contribute daily to the nature of my posts and I value my cracking readers greatly. I do miss them and would like to work the umbrella with you to renew a newt's contract. Until that time, however, I cannot allow you access to anything that makes even a little sense.
With burritos,

The F.B.I. Has analyzed the message for hidden meaning and were able to, at great taxpayer expense, come up with this rough translation of Kanrei's message.

Nayner-nayner/boo-boo/ I hid my writings from the likes of you

We, at KHWL, are momentarily at a loss of what actions to pursue next; we were outsmarted by a Lemming.


VE said...

Hah. Good one...I'm going to sign all my correspondence "With Burritos". That's just funny...

I got the same translation when I plugged that document into Babel Fish.

Serena Joy said...

OMG, outsmarted by a lemming high on falcon droppings? This is a dire, dire situation -- especially with the FBI involved. I truly resent having to keep them in burritos while they translate for the next 15 years, too.:)