Friday, March 07, 2008

Like An Hourglass of Sand, So Are the Fridays of Their Lives

If your week is going anything like my week has gone, then you too are currently finding yourself at Friday as well. Weird how this always seems to happen after a Thursday, huh?

I wonder if there is a conspiracy between Thursday and Friday to keep Wednesday and Saturday apart. I saw them making eyes at each other during the last Calendar party and we all know how close Wednesday and Thursday used to be, so it is a possibility. That and I would really not put anything past Sunday and its long dormant desire to get closer to Tuesday; Wednesday’s long time secret admirer.

This whole “days of the week” situation makes me feel personally bad for Monday to be perfectly honest. Who was the genius who decided to only have seven days every week after all? That is an odd number which guarantees that one day will be left dateless at the end of every week. An eighth day could and possibly would eliminate the need for those annoying little calendar fixes like “leap year” and the ever hated “Spring forward” as well as making Monday a tad bit less bitter.

Just some food for thought as you go off into your weekend. Me? I will be jamming out on “Rock Band” for my Playstation 3 and the six Grateful Dead songs that came out this week for it.

Party on Wayne! Party on Garth! Happy Weekend All!

PS- The picture is a picture of a picture. Nothing deeper than that. I just love the endless loop of it all.


Serena Joy said...

I, too, have somehow arrived at Friday. I don't know how it happened, and would deny it if I did. I do believe there is a conspiracy at work, and in more ways than one. Leap year, and springing forward tomorrow. Bad omens these be, and especially since you mentioned the wicked evil endless loop. Those scare me more than anything else.:)

VE said...

I don't trust Wednesday. Why is the 'D' silent? Huh? Yeah, see...secrets!