Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Non-Partisan Zone is Now in Effect

In honor of how I believe the media should be covering elections I will not post any negative stories here about any candidate until after the election starting today. I will, after that final bit of research, be posting who I intend to vote for on Tuesday, but I will not play political games until then and will only be commenting on the elections that I vote in.

Any race in any other state is none of my business and I have no opinion on them as of today. The reason I am announcing this is that someone needs to show the media the proper way to handle elections, especially elections this vital to the nation.

There are no national races in this election cycle. Every single person running is running for a state related office. Even those running for the U.S. Congress are running to represent their states in Congress. The national media has no place in this election. Voters should be looking to local news outlets for the real stories about who they should be voting for. National news is more concerned with the party races and which side has control over the course of the nation. We should be looking for who will do the best job for our states first.

All Lemmings are requested to learn their own way to the cliff and not follow the crowd. Do some research on your candidate’s views and vote for the person who will represent you and your state, not who will make your party stronger. The politics of party is the only thing that can defeat us.


Variant E said...

Why be ethical now? Jump up on the unethical band wagon and enjoy the fun!

RexZeitgeist said...

Ah come on Kan.....I like the Condi is a liar threads......They are a HOOT!

Kanrei said...


Kanrei said...

Besides, Rice is not a candidate =P