Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bye Bye Rummy, Bye Bye

I knew there was going to be some fallout. I knew that things were going to start to change, but I had no idea it was going to be this quick. I assumed that the Democrats would at least be sworn into their new dominance before the downfall began. I guessed there would be a time for celebration before bloodshed, but I was wrong. The rats have begun to leave the ship just one day after a horrible mid-term election for those in command. The rubber stamp officially broke yesterday.

The mid-term election was placed in the context of a referendum on the handling of the war in Iraq. Both parties are very guilty of politicizing this tragic folly instead of trying to help fix it and the lead up to yesterday was a great example of that. The Republicans focused on fear and the Democrats focused on anger and anger won. The people are more upset with the handling of the war than they are scared of it falling to terrorists.

The people spoke and now the government is listening. Donald Rumsfeld is no longer a factor in the folly of Iraq. The quagmire as lost its architect exactly three years too late.

Donald Rumsfeld trying to resign is not news. He tried twice in the wake of the Abu Ghraib scandal. He obviously has been aware of his failures for quite a long time, but this marks the first time Bush has accepted it. Does this mean a President who claims to not pay attention to the polls is actually listening to the polls?

The exit polls placed discontent with the handling of Iraq as the top motivation for people’s votes, but Bush claims to not care about polls. Perhaps our little Dubya is growing up and learning in his final two years that he is the President of America and not just those he likes. Perhaps Dubya is terrified of the Democrat House and is offering a sacrifice in hopes of appeasement. Either way, Bush obviously paid attention to yesterday’s poll and Rumsfeld is gone.


This is something that should have happened so long ago. This should have happened once the insurgency started. This should have happened when Abu Ghraib was fueling our enemy’s rage. This should have happened when no WMD’s were found. This should have happened so many times in the past that, to be honest, this move really is starting to strike me more and more as the sacrifice option and not as our little Dubya growing up.

I thought Rumsfeld leaving would fill me with joy, but it’s not. It seems they are still politicizing this damn war. They are still playing it for headlines. Rumsfeld removed Pelosi from the news and got the Republicans in a positive light again. At least we can rest knowing the war will end soon and Rumsfeld’s lack of vision is not going to kill anyone else.


Joanie78 said...

"W" now has to deal with a strong woman like his mama, yes I think we'll see a new "W". Dick didn't want Rummey to go but "W" didn't listen this they say. They also say that Condi and Laura did not like Rummey....Oh Yes the woman will rule now and Georgie always listens to his mommy.and I say Amen

RexZeitgeist said...

The only rat like creature I know of, is Nancy pelosi.....Everything about this debacle makes me sick.....

Steve G said...

This saves a lot of in fighting over the Iraq adventure. I could see Donald's time being tied up by questions that he wouldn't want to waste the time answering.

The Phantom said...

If Bush would have booted Rummy 2 weeks ago the Repubs. would have held on to something other than their.... Oh well.

The Phantom

Serena Joy said...

Phantom makes a good point.