Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Change of the Guard

By Kanrei

It appears the Democrats have received control of the House. They only needed 15 seats to win and they appear to have won 25. There are more Democrat Governors now as well and while the Republicans appear to still control the Senate, they do not have a solid majority. This is that moment that comes around once in a blue moon for the Democrats.

The Democrats must remember one thing very clearly: they did not “take” the House and they did not beat the Republicans. The simple and clear fact is that the Republicans beat themselves. They became as corrupt in ten years as the Democrats did in their forty years.

How many Republican members of Congress have resigned in disgrace just this year? How many prominent right-leaning leaders have been caught in hypocrisy? The American people will forgive anything but a lie. Their “do as I say not as I do” approach to governance obviously did not work with the American people. Today’s results proved this truth, but this is the Republicans beating themselves.

What ideas did the Democrats run on exactly? I can tell you I voted for Bill Nelson to prevent Katherine Harris from getting to the Senate, but I really did not vote for Bill Nelson. If Tommy Franks or anyone other than Harris had gotten the nomination instead I might have voted the other way. I really cannot say. Bill Nelson had this won the minute Harris was his opponent and had no need to campaign really.

I honestly pray that Speaker Pelosi does not think this change in Congress is approval to impeach Bush. I hope she remembers that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I hope she thinks about the damage to the American psyche if our history proceeds as:
  • President Bush
  • War in Iraq
  • President Clinton
  • President Impeached
  • President Bush
  • War in Iraq
  • President Impeached
  • President Clinton
Just think of the poor children who will have to learn this and keep it straight. It already is going to be hard enough keeping track of which President Bush toppled Saddam and in what year. Forcing them to keep back to back impeachments straight on top of it is just sadistic.

Seriously though, the timing for an impeachment is just not right. By all means censure Bush and try to fix the problems, but an impeachment will take too much attention away from more important things. Remember that September 11th was planned during the last one.

Instead, Speaker Pelosi must do everything in her newly acquired power to get our troops home and end the occupation of Iraq. She must change the conversation from us losing in Iraq to simply of us leaving Iraq. We toppled Saddam and made sure Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction. We set up a new government and provided security for two elections and a constitution. The only thing left to do is come home. All occupations end that way.

This is a big moment for the Democrats. They were handed power they probably do not deserve on a silver platter. This is their time to show those of us who have spent the last six years disappointed by their lethargy exactly what our hopes where tied to.


Causal said...

Accountability is good for democracy. Impeach.

Joanie78 said...

There will be no impeachment.....The Dems aren't them. Very good piece.

RexZeitgeist said...

America blinked.....Its a sad day all around.....