Thursday, July 27, 2006

This About Sums it Up.

The only thing missing from that cartoon is the media blaming the Israeli for the soon to be dead baby the Palestinian is hiding behind.


Steve said...

There are so many people at the drudge Retort who say the most anti semitic things without even realizing its anti semitic. Then, when you tell them, they get so bent out of shape and call you even more names. Times are very bad for Jews and I would have never imagined it ... but here we are. The Arab PR machines has advanced its agenda of delegitimizing Israel and the Jewish people. Whether its holocaust denial or revisionist history that now has Israel attacking the Arabs in 1967, its all to first create the rationale and then acting on undoing Israel and the Jewish experience. I don't think I ever saw it this bad in my lifetime.

Great cartoon Kanrei and miss you at the Drudge Retort where I'm still fighting the same wars

kanrei said...

You are always welcome here.
The left cries about being labeled anti-semite while they label people opposed to gay marraige as homophobic. It goes on both sides.
They must realized that saying "damn Israel" is opposing Isral and saying "damn Jews" is being anti-semetic.