Monday, July 24, 2006

Clear Sign of Endless Middle Eastern War

By Kanrei

Taylor Hicks is going to perform at the White House.

No, seriously. It appears that the American Idol finalists are going to perform at the White House Middle East Talks Friday, July 28th.

I did not watch American Idol. I am not a fan of reality television, I do not like talent shows, and hate pop music. I see strong connections between American Idol voting and political voting: you know, voting more than once, voting based on likablity instead of skill or talent. (Ok, maybe everything does go back to politics for me.) All I know about Hicks is from that annoying Ford commercial that is currently on television every five minutes. Actually, I only partially know that commercial (thank you TiVo), but I have seen enough to know the pain that is Taylor Hicks performing.

"I get what I want" is certainly Bush's theme, but I do not see how having Hicks perform at the Middle East Talks between Bush and Blair is going to help the situation in the Middle East one iota. Actually, hearing him sing may increase the "Possibilities” of more suicidal people in that region. Thankfully, only Bush, Blair, and a few others will be forced to hear it.

I never knew Peace Talks had half-time shows either. Interesting. Post game will probably be a floor show by the "So You Think You Can Dance" finalists and the National Anthem will be sung by William Hung.

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