Monday, July 17, 2006

Common Sense: Get It While You Can. Limited Supply.

By Kanrei

I may see this through a prism because I am Jewish, but I have no special personal loyalty to Israel. I am told I should because it is the “Jewish Home Land”, but I personally don’t see it that way. Usually, I see Israel just as guilty as those they are fighting against. When they destroy a town in retribution for a suicide bomber, I think they tend to only fuel the fire that rages against them (if you pardon the cliché). This time is different from what I can see. This time I fully support most of what Israel has done.

To the best of my knowledge, there has been a relative cease-fire between Israel and Lebanon. This seems on the surface to be an unprovoked attack that ended in the deaths of Israeli soldiers and the kidnapping of two others while they were within Israeli boundaries. Being in another country, I am not getting very much information from there, but I will get to that in a moment.

Israel has more than a right; they have the duty to do everything they can to get those two soldiers back. (I know there are three total, but Palestine is a different battle using same tactics). Would we expect, no, demand anything less of our own country? In Israel, it is an even more pressing matter. If this tactic is successful once, it will happen many more times and everyone is Israel has a relative who is currently serving. It can touch any of them.

Every area Israel has pulled out of has been used to attack them. Israel has lived up to their end of the deal and given back land they said they would and they have been smacked for it every time. There should come a time when enough is enough.
That is my support of them, now comes the flip side.

Israel has to be aware that this is not Lebanon doing this, but rather Hezbollah. Attacking Lebanon only strengthens Hezbollah’s grip on Lebanon. They were correct for the first few days, but they must stop and see what Lebanon is willing to do.
Personally, I believe this to be Iran and Syria. Not a big guess or top secret revelation or anything, but I think this is mostly Syria with Iran backing them up. I think this is Syria’s attempt to regain control of Lebanon by having Israel topple the government and the Lebanese, seeking revenge, would turn to Hezbollah to lead them.

Israel showed Lebanon that, if Beirut cannot clean its house, that Israel can. Now they should see what Beirut does.

As to the coverage of this story, I read in the headlines daily about missiles being launched into Israel. Never any mention of deaths or casualties. When they report what Israel has done to Lebanon, the death count is almost always in the headline. I get the feeling there is an anti-Israel slant going on in the media. Like I said, I could just be looking through a prism.


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