Sunday, July 16, 2006

Poem: Spiraling Orchard of Ravenous Thorns

Spiraling orchard of ravenous thorns
Clawing and ripping the ripeness of youth.
Drifting onwards towards obscurity proudly
With heavy glances towards ominous skies.
Sails tattered and bow torn by shards of memories.
Only surviving for the next gracious defeat;
Beaten but never overcome.
Always moving back into range with a smirk.
Never accepting loss, but growing stronger with each blow.
Past meets future in a glorious ka-boom of presence.
Aware without care in a holy embrace of false glee,
They only know joy when they can see sorrow.
My ship is battered but afloat and headed towards the sun.
I see tomorrow with a dance of joy I can not ignore.
The shards of memories fade with the parting of ominous skies.
Not beaten, I overcame the next gracious defeat.
I stand on the bow and glare proudly at the dawn.
I have made it into the tomorrow as the darkness of yesterday drifts off into memory and dies.


VRWC said...

Hey Kanrie,
can I link you from me blogsite?


VRWC said...

Sorry about the misspelling KANREI

kanrei said...

Absolutely. I will link you as well.