Thursday, July 27, 2006

All Important Fly War Update

Because I know you could not sleep until you knew

Today was not a good day to be a fly. I cannot tell you how many lost their lives today because the damn things kept getting back up after being hit. I can tell you I hit a fly well over a hundred times today, but it could have been ten flies for all I know being hit ten times each. Strong buggers.

Did you know flies have red blood? I mean quite a bit of red blood. I never really thought about it before, but was shocked to see the red smears on my wall after a particularly good hit. I wonder if they screamed. I know they were getting pissed at me because a few would actually try and come after me if I missed. It was really weird. Most of the flies would fly away when I swung and missed, but a few actually tried to do something back. I am not sure what they thought they were going to do.

I tore my house apart as well and the cause of the fly attack of 2006 is still a mystery. There were no dead animals (I have two cats so it was possible), no food, no waste, no garbage, no standing water, no demonic voices. I suppose hallucination is still an option.

Part One of the Horror


Walt said...


Absolutely the best fly trap I have ever seen. Order the 1 gallon size and some bait refills. Put it outside in a spot protected from heavy wind, wait 3 days and they will start piling in. If everyone on the planet used these, we could eliminate flies.

I hate flies more than any other insect and this thing will kill them dead. They get lured in by the smell and they cant get their stupid fly asses out.

Buy these things and start killing them. Spread the word!


kanrei said...

You are the man Walt.

VRWC said...

Cripes: attack of the fly's, I feel for ya! I mowed over a yellow jacket nest on monday, they were waiting for me on the next pass, not nice, the mower is still out there.

kanrei said...

Yellow Jackets?!
Nothing compared to my flies. =P

Walt said...

Kan, I am serious. That shit will kill flies like nobodys business.

kanrei said...

I must worry about my cats though. Is that safe for them?

Walt said...


It cant hurt your pussies, seriously. It only kills flies and it kills them good

missouri-lisa said...

I had a psycho fly once. It kept dive bombing me.