Thursday, July 13, 2006

Last Exit on the Path to WW3

By Kanrei
I am sitting here, looking at the Drudge Report, and there is just too much here to even begin to find a story. The headlines I see now are each more disturbing that the one before it.
“Hezbollah Wants To 'Transfer Captured Israeli Soldiers To Iran'...”
“Now Jewish Extremist Group Declares: We Kidnapped 2 Palestinians!”
“Rockets Hit Israel Port City; No Injuries...”
“Israel Blasts Lebanon Airport, Air Bases...”
“Russia and France condemned Israel's strikes...”
”Greece says Israel using 'excessive' and 'pointless' force...”

This will not be news to most of us, but the world has gone insane. Any pretext of what is right or wrong has been lost to the pretext of right and left. I used to think it was an American dilemma, right vs left, but I see it is larger than ever before. What defines “right” and “left” has altered slightly. The “right” is now those who will defend Israel while the “left” is now those who will not. Just look at the headlines I just took off the Drudge Report. That is the right versus the left in just a few headlines. Hezbollah wants to bring Iran into it. The Jewish Extremists are now kidnapping Palestinians. Rockets are flying back and forth between. Both sides are committing horrible acts against each other over a few captured soldiers and Israel is the one being condemned for using “excessive and pointless” force.
The more Bush defends Israel in this, the more the rest of the world will side with Hamas and Hezbollah. Even those who hate the Palestinians (like Lebannon) will join the fight. This is, in my opinion, just more fallout from the war in Iraq.
I have to wonder if Iran would be doing what it has been doing if they had to worry about the US, Israel, and Saddam. I wonder if Syria would be so bold if we were not so bogged down in Iraq.
I am getting myself bogged down in “what if”’s and I hate those. “What is” is we are now in a situation direr than anything we have ever seen ourselves in. The world has been on the brink many times in the past, but never before has the ability to kill everything been so wide spread. War and conflict has always been the reflex response from those in power when threatened. Israel, while they are defending themselves, needs to go a little slower. World War One started over far less and we have far more to lose today.


Anonymous said...

Biblically speaking "when east goes to war with the west"....

It's upon us.

kanrei said...

Very well could lead to that, but it is not east vs west yet. It is middle east vs middle east.

Anonymous said...

But watch it turn out that way!

kanrei said...

I am afraid it may.

Anonymous said...

I'm scared too.

VRWC said...

I'm listening to the news right now and I think I need depends!