Monday, July 07, 2008

It's, Monday?

I have to admit that the Monday after a long holiday weekend is such a horrid experience that I am almost willing to give up the extra day off….almost. I think today has been made even more horrid by the fact that I took a nap on Saturday, which made Saturday feel like two days and therefore creating a four day weekend sleepwise and making today an even harder Monday. Case in point: the previous sentence made sense in my head before it made it to the paper. Further case in point: the sentence I thought made no sense appears to make perfect sense upon re-re-reading it; today is Monday for certain.

Sorry for the lack of a Friday update this week. I was working on a bit, skit, parody, whatever you wish to call it on the subject of July 4th being a celebration of the world’s most famous “Dear John” letter, but found myself still working on it Saturday morning. Since Saturday was July 5th, it meant that I missed both the “its Friday” and the “July 4th” post: double failure! I think that would make it more than just a “swing and a miss,” but rather as sleeping through my turn at bat. Sorry, but summer is the season for baseball metaphors. By the way, a metaphorse is when a horse is used to symbolize something else. Just a little F.Y.I. for your Monday morning blues.

Back to work.


VE said...

You mean I have a metaphore if my house symbolizes my lack of more cash?

Kanrei said...

No, that would be a metaphouse.

damon said...

Well I waited til Monday NIGHT to read this and I'm missin somethin, but fear not,
I've bookmarked it and will return to read it again, next Monday MORNING, to see if it makes sense.
(just like Indiana Jones would do)