Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Friday (Two Years Ago)

Today is the two year anniversary of my blogging career. This is not a moment to congratulate me for anything, but rather to thank you. Without your coming here, I would have probably quit long ago, but your comments and inspiration has kept this Lemming House open through the droughts and famines of creativity. I want to thank you for keeping me going. I count you all among my friends.

In honor of today's being not only the anniversary of this site, but also a Friday, let's take a trip down memory lane to the very first "It's Friday" and see a tradition start.

Tradition is tradition and Friday is not a day for heavy political thought. It is a day to prepare for all the braincells that are scheduled to die in a few hours. Today's news is trying very hard to be noticed, like some pathetic child not getting his way. No matter what you do to try and move past it, WAR WAR WAR is everywhere. If you are not looking for it, don't worry because it is looking for you. It has become the global pastime. A sporting event where we all have our favorite teams, we hope the other side is not just beaten, but humiliated, and we prefer to watch it on TV over the hassle of going to the event. More over, tons of writers and commentators are making huge dollars off of this event because we are all glued to our TV's and radios. We see the event happen, but we do not trust our own minds and eyes to interpret what we saw. We need people to tell us what to think about it instead.
Less news, more commentary.
I understand the postgame coverage will be hell.

I was kind of bitter back then, huh? I mean, I agree with it all, but damn was I in your face on a supposed "non-political" post. Glad I started tempering that with humor and sarcasim, huh?

Happy weekend to you all! Here's to another two years of joy!


Serena Joy said...

Happy Anniversary! Keep up the good work.:)

VE said...

Sorry I didn't catch this earlier. Happy Anniversary. I cannot believe I started before you; you seemed more experienced blogging than I was when I first discovered your blog. You must have been quite prolific too because you have more blog posts in total than I do too. Keep going...I like a lot of your ideas.

Rex Zeitgeist said...

Happy anniversary.....Two years since Horace pissed you off enough to start your own blog!

(I think 'the Pub' has another 10 days until that anniversary)