Friday, July 18, 2008

Another "TGIF" Moment in Lemming History

I do believe that today is only my second time ever thanking G-d that it is finally Friday. Fridays and me have a long history of hating one another and Friday usually wins out, but today I am welcoming my old enemy with open arms. I am even upset it took my foe so long to arrive. You see, I am getting sick and, with my parents out of town, have not had the luxury of being able to call in sick.

I am basically, for all intent and purpose, the final word in making decisions during their absence since this time around they are in the Baltic sea and fairly unreachable. Normally they are just in North Carolina, only a phone call away, and therefore the company does not rely on me as much. This month however, I have been here and active in the day to day aspects of the business.

Well, off to do more work. Lunch is over and I have to go buy doorbells for the lab and have them working by tonight. Don't get too impressed though: they will be wireless doorbells I buy at Radioshack or something and should take a total of 10 minutes to install. I am handy, but lazy. The two usually work very well together in my case.

Have a great weekend to you all!


VE said...

See, that's the trouble with work, once you can never finish.

VE said...

Where is everyone? Hey, I got a BIG post today!