Friday, February 01, 2008

Super Fwiday

Hello and welcome back. You are tuned into KHWL on the blogger dial, the time is fifty-four minutes after the hour, and it is officially Friday which means it is time for “It’s Friday!!!!”

Today, I have realized that I really, honestly, and sincerely should consider donating my Y chromosome to charity. I am sure K.D. Lang or Ellen DeGeneres could use it since it is so painfully obvious to me that I am not. I did not realize the Super Bowl was this weekend for example. I cannot tell you who is playing in the Super Bowl this year for another example. In fact, upon learning that the Super Bowl is on this Sunday, my first thought was “I hope it isn’t on Fox because I need my Simpsons.” How un-manly is that?

I don’t know why I never got into football. I tried when I was younger. It seemed like one of those prerequisites to being a guy and, since I already had a penis, it seemed like that was the path I should follow. I picked a favorite team (the Dallas Cowboys) and learned the player’s names, nicknames, positions, and what each position was supposed to do. I learned the rules of the sport, the leagues, and how the two leagues interacted with one another.

To this day, I still understand every aspect of the game and can even hold semi-intelligent conversations with other casual fans on the subject and come across as fairly knowledgeable on the subject, but have zero interest in it. I tend to view the Super Bowl through the eyes of a chick: really entertaining commercials broken up with long segments of pointless violence. I wish I knew why.

Oh well, have a great weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl. I hope your team wins by a million points and the goalie gets three homeruns.

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VE said...

Don't fool us Kan, I'm sure you could enlighten us with a few choice opinions on key games and gaming systems. That Y chromozone is used in many ways...

Camille Alexa said...

Wait-- superbowl is this weekend? Seriously? See what happens when you don't like football and don't own a television?

Nessa said...

Are you sure you even have a Y chromosome?

Serena Joy said...

Don't feel bad. I'm not into football and Super Bowls and stuff, either. I only knew it was this weekend b/c I heard it about 42,000 times on TV.:)