Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Unoffically Offical Kanrei' Recap of Super Tuesday

So, I know you all have been waiting on the edge of your seats for “Kanrei’s Recap of Super Tuesday” and I would love nothing more than to give you “Kanrei’s Recap of Super Tuesday,” but I did not pay that much attention to Super Tuesday and therefore am not really that qualified to give you “Kanrei’s Recap of Super Tuesday.” Actually, that lack of qualification is not slowing anyone else down from giving you their recap of Super Tuesday, so there really is no reason why I can’t do “Kanrei’s Recap of Super Tuesday.” Well, now, without further delay, here is “Kanrei’s Recap of Super Tuesday.”

What I found most humorous was how well Ron Paul did in Montana. Ron Paul’s big issue is illegal immigration, mostly from Mexico, and I really do not imagine Montana as having a large illegal Mexican population. Montana voting on illegal immigration is sort of like people in a small mid-western town voting with international terrorism as their top concern: the odds of it happening to you where you are well beneath zero. You stand a greater chance of alien invasion than you do of having Al Qaeda set its sights on Bumfuck, Arkansas. Same thing for Montana and illegal immigration- Americans don’t want to live in Montana so what makes people think Mexicans are risking life and limb to live in an outdoor freezer? I would think Global Warming would be their top issue and I imagine they would be heavily for it up there.

On the Democrat side is the quintessential “clusterfuck” scenario I think everyone saw coming years ago. Right now, the Democrats are a party at war with itself and it stands to seriously derail their road to the White House and possibly give it to McCain. There is the Clinton camp who thinks they own the party; there is the Kennedy camp that used to rule the party and wants to retain control; and then there is the Pelosi camp which is smartly remaining quiet, but wants to run the party in a new and different direction. What this adds up to (in addition to a run-on paragraph) is a Democratic party split in half between Hillary and Obama with neither getting anything close to enough support to win the November race unless these two form a union with one as President and one taking the Vice position, but that will not happen because neither one is willing to take the back seat to the other.

If I were Howard Dean…a scary thought that I am now going to abandon and say instead “if I were head of the DNC,” I would suggest forcibly for Clinton and Obama to work together and for Obama to take the Vice to Hillary’s President and for a simple and very good reason- the President to take the oath after Bush is going to fail and fail big.

For the last eight years, Bush has held back an avalanche with a toothpick wall and that wall is going to break. It is not going to break while Bush is in office, so that means that either Hillary or Obama are going to be in the Oval Office when the snow comes flooding in and, as we all know, the person in the office when it happens is to blame regardless of the facts.

Obama will make a great president one day, but I do not think it is wise to waste four of his eight eligible years to serve as president cleaning up Bush’s mess and learning the nature of the job. I know he has served in the state level for years, but state level politics never deals with international problems and those are the problems we are facing and will continue to face. The costs of error are too great (as we have seen for the last eight years).

I am not endorsing Hillary for President at all because, to be honest, I lose sleep to the thought of her and am not really prepared for history to read “President Bush goes to war in Iraq, followed by President Clinton, followed by President Bush goes to war in Iraq, followed by President Clinton.” I think children have enough problems keeping history straight without going out of our way to screw them like this.

It is looking like it will be Obama, Clinton, or McCain and we must pick one so I think I am going to go with McCain even though my dad hates, HATES McCain and my mom is a big Obama supporter and here is why: he cannot serve more than four years at his age and I think in 2012 Barack will be ready and Hillary will be a memory. We have the Congress and, thanks largely to Bush’s behavior as of late, the White House is neutered. McCain, since he will probably rule much as Bush has, will also therefore be neutered.

Look at it like this, as I said before, the next President is going to serve during the time that all of Bush’s mistakes come home to roost. The next President is going to be a one term failure almost guaranteed due to the overwhelming amount of shit they are walking into so I think it is better to let a Republican fail under the weight of their mistakes than someone who will be a great leader one day, like Obama.


Serena Joy said...

I don't know -- I think Clinton will still be running when she's 90. Your argument for McClain is logical and makes sense to me. The only reservation I have about him is that he always looks slightly constipated. It's true that Obama lacks the requisite experience, but he does have enough insight and foresight and good ideas that I'd have no qualms voting an Obama/Edwards ticket.

Your Mother said said...

I really do like Obama, but your argument that the White House will be such a mess that he should let someone else clean up the mess...but he will be a great president...Have I ever lied to you? Okay about the veal, but other then that>

sprinkle4 said...

Absolutely agree with you on the fact that the incoming President will be spending the next few years cleaning up the crap left by the current one. But seeing as how my husband is a Republican and I am a Democrat, our household is going to be spending the next 4 years pointing at each other and saying "Told ya that you shouldn't have voted for that one.....idiot!"

Ah .....Super Tuesday..straining marriages one couple at a time:)

Kanrei said...

I would vote for a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket over McCain, but I will vote for McCain over either Clinton or Obama.

My money is on a McCain/Romney ticket against a Clinton/Obama ticket and I would vote Clinton/Obama if that is the case.

Your mother said said...

You should trust your mother on this one, do I lie......Obama with Edwards on his cabinet....