Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lights Out, Uh-Huh

You will think me quite the jester by the tale I am about to tell, but I assure you that this tale is 100% true except where it isn't. Oh, you will scoff at me for trying to "get this story past you," but it really is almost true in every regard; save for the one or two places I embellished it, but that is only because it really is not all that interesting of a story when push comes to shove. It is simply just what happened to me (again) today and it is the (again) part that is going to have you not believing it.

You see, today, while at work, looking on the internet for the proper uses of a comma, and formulating the Emmy award winning post I was about to bedazzle you with, the power, once again, died at my office. There was no accompanying explosion to be heard this time and the chaos was spread about much more fairly this time with the entire county suffering this time around, but the end result was still the same: I went home and took a nap. This time, however, I avoided the bed and went the sofa route.

I am not great at math, but by my calculations, this is 2 out of three working days that the power has gone out on me. Am I cursed? Is this a sign? Should I see an eye doctor? Is this a Republican plot to stop my world domination? I just don't know, but I promise you answers as soon as I get them or can make them up.


VE said...

Was the nap where you embellished?

Kanrei said...

Yes...I didn't really take a nap. Sorry I misled you.

Nessa said...

Can you make my power go out? I could use a nap.

Serena Joy said...

I wouldn't mind a couple of well-timed power outages. I like naps.:)