Sunday, February 10, 2008

Zombie Rant

Zombie misunderstood. Why shoot zombie? What zombie do? Zombie think you be happy zombie prove life after death, but no. Instead, you shoot zombie. Zombie may be dead, but being shot still hurt zombie; physically and mentally. Ruins suit too. Bad enough zombie flesh falling off without you putting holes in zombie's suit.

Do you think it is easy getting out of a buried grave? There six feet of dirt usually, not to forget also the coffin zombie wakes up to find self in. When zombie break lid, zombie have tons of dirt fall in on top of zombie, further ruining zombie suit. You would be grouchy too.

Zombie also does not ask very much. Most people zombie meet don't use brains anyway, so losing is no big deal. Zombie sorry damaging skull only way to get brain out, but the "twist off" model of human has yet to become popular. Mental institutions do have twist off humans, but they also usually already have the sweet spot of the brain removed. Zombie like brains "pre-lobotomy."

So that is what is on zombie Kanrei's mind tonight. Don't bother telling zombie what on your mind. Zombie like surprises and your brain look tasty.

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