Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Can't Keep Up

These are hard days for a political/ pop culture blogger. If I had focused on either politics or on pop culture exclusively I would have a much easier time absorbing, digesting, and then regurgitating the news as of late, but I probably would also have lost interest in blogging long before now. “A double edged sword” I suppose is the term for this dilemma I find myself in.

To simplify my situation so that I am not doing to you what the worlds of pop culture and politics are doing to me: there is simply too much news hemorrhaging from these two respective worlds and I cannot pick what to write about. Florida has its primary and Edwards drops out of the race for the Democratic nomination, but then Rudy drops out of the Republican race, then Britney gets hauled off to the hospital for the insane on a “5150” which I can only assume is like a Baker act, but am not positive.

To be honest, I am giving Britney a pass here on this blog and have been for quite a while. I will happily pick on the willingly stupid, the voluntarily empty-headed, the vain, the shallow, the attention whores, the famous, and the elected because they have done all they can to place themselves happily in the crosshairs of my sarcasm. What I cannot do in good faith is pick on the mentally disabled or the honestly less intelligent or those who did not seek their fame. Britney falls under the first two of those requirements for a pass.

I honestly feel the girl is no where near mentally equipped to handle the day to day aspects of normal life. The photo I saw of her sitting partially fetal on a curb, cradling her dog and crying was a photo of a woman who reality lost long ago and is starting to slowly realize this. What she needs is privacy.

The pass for Britney continues here at KHWL. Politics I will attack once they slow down enough for me to focus on something.


VE said...

Good call Kan. I think I'll do the same. I was wavering earlier on the whole insanity thing but it's looking more and more like that, isn't it? Besides, there are plenty of celebratramps out there to focus on. I'd do some politics...but it's like TV for me;out of sight, out of mind and I don't know if I could even do a good political humor post. Sure; the whole thing moves too fast but like a fast moving river that you couldn't swim can at least reach the hand in and pull out something interesting to spotlight. Don't sweat the whole river...

sprinkle4 said...

I agree with you on the pass for Britney. She truly needs some help from someone who does not have any ulterior motives.

However, given your first and second requirements....wouldn't most of our politicians fall in the same categories as well?;)

Serena Joy said...

I agree with you on the Britney debacle and I'm giving her a pass, too. I don't think there's any doubt that the girl is mentally ill. She needs a good long hiatus out of the public eye. I hope her stage-mom, Lynn, will do something about that. The only problem is that Britney's of age and if she's ruled competent and cut loose from the hospital, there's not much anybody can do. If that happens, I foresee only one tragedy after another. Hopefully, she'll get the help she needs and then at some point in the future try to see if there's anything salvageable of her career.

Kanrei said...

I am so proud of my fellow Lemmings right now. I know the urge is really hard to resist right now, believe me. My inner shark also smells blood in the water and a flood of jokes has passed through my mind. We can do this.

Hi sprinkle. Long time, no see. =D