Thursday, January 03, 2008

Obligatory Iowa Caucus Themed Post -OR- Excuse Me While I Rant A While

I live in Florida and therefore I am not allowed to express my opinion on the subject of the nomination for President of the United States. Most of the states are allowed to express their opinions, but Florida and Michigan have been outcast from the DNC for daring to challenge Iowa’s standing as the first caucus in the country. It seems stupid to me personally for a party that is trying to gain power to disenfranchise an entire battleground state by ignoring their desires, but so be it.

We all knew the DNC had no real want to make things better when they nominated Kerry back in 2004, but still we hoped. In 2006 we gave them the Congress. I say “gave” because they did nothing to earn it aside from remaining quiet and letting the RNC garner most of the nation’s ill will. We gave it to them hoping that they would gain a backbone and stand up for what we, as a nation demanded, but the war continues and the funding for it keeps growing and pet projects keep getting funded and the economy keeps sinking right along with the hopes and dreams of tomorrow. I pass five houses for sale on my way to work and it only takes me six minutes to get from home to here.

So, who are the leaders right now? Obama? Edwards? Clinton? McCain? Romney? Huckabee? G-d help us if we must choose between Obama and Huckabee for the Presidency; it will be the battle of the stupid names. Honestly, does President Obama sound any less like a SNL skit character’s name than President Huckabee? At least Clinton, Edwards, and McCain have Presidential sounding names.

Now let’s look at the central themes to their campaigns and see what they are really saying:

Edwards- I am giving you a second chance to make up for 2004, but I am not offering anything that you did not already reject.

Clinton- I screwed a president and got elected to the Senate because of my last name. Oh, and I am a woman.

Obama- I have no real experience, but I am black. Not supporting me means you are a racist.

Romney- I have no real experience and I am white, but I am a Mormon. Not supporting me means you are a bigot.

Huckabee- I have no successful experience, but I am a Christian and so are you so there should be nothing more to my campaign then that. Oh, and I am not a Mormon. Not supporting me means you support Satan, the terrorists, and the Latter Day Saints.

Giuliani- 9/11, ‘nuff said.

McCain- You liked me in 2000. Remember that?

Thompson- I am an actor and you liked Reagan.

Please excuse my fragmented and rambling rant today, but, as I said in the beginning, I am a Floridian and am not allowed to express my desires for the nomination. That and my fact checker is still on strike.


Camille Alexa said...

If I believed in funny little icon faces and nonsensical acronyms, I'd be rollingonthefloorlaughingoutloud and happysmileyfacewinking.

VE said...

What happened to Perot? Maybe we could get him and Nador together. What fun!

Serena Joy said...

It's the Apocalypse, isn't it? Yep, that's the only explanation I can think of.:)

Nessa said...

I'm sorry. Did you say something? I can't heeeeaaar you.