Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pet Peeves

Do they sell peeve treats at Petsmart?

Can you take a peeve to a veterinarian if it becomes too annoying?

Can you house train a peeve?

Can an old peeve learn new tricks?

Are pet peeves cute?

If a peeve annoys you, why keep it as a pet?

Is it wrong for me to move in on VE’s nonsense while he is away from a computer until Monday?

Would infringing on his nonsense be a possible peeve he keeps as a pet?

Would that mean I am not only infringing on his nonsensical realm, but also now am actively trying to steal his pet peeve?

Would a person be upset if their pet peeve were to be taken by another? Like, can stealing another’s pet peeve be their pet peeve?

Know one of my pet peeves? Posts that are nothing but silly questions; kind of like this one...


Serena Joy said...

Peeves are everything you described and more. Vets won't treat them, and you can't tame them, but you had BETTER keep treats on hand for them. Otherwise, they'll make you miserable. I'd be pretty upset if anyone stole my pet peeves. I'd probably be so upset I'd take THEM to the vet and see if he'd put them down.:-)

Nessa said...

Can a pet peeve be put to sleep?