Monday, January 07, 2008

S.O.S: Lost Rant Story Source

I have this major problem and that is that I have the need to prove myself constantly. I just cannot write about something unless I can also include a link to the subject I am ranting and raving about. I feel that it shows me to be unbiased or, at the very least, secure enough in my opinions that I voluntarily provide links to contrary points of view or the sources for mine. The down side of this is that I often lose the original link while doing my research and therefore cannot post my rant. This is what happened today and why there was no rant last night.

I found a story about the Pope and his newest plan to cut down on the pedophilia problem that has plagued the Catholic Church as of late. His plan, when I read it, actually caused me to laugh out loud with tears and that is no exaggeration, but, upon working to verify the story I seemed to have lost it and cannot find it again. What do I do now?

Do I post my rant without any sort of verification and hope you trust my admittedly bad memory that I got the details right or do I let a gift from G-d like this slip away and use it as a lesson to bookmark things more often? I think moving on and letting this sting is the only way I will ever learn and therefore will only tell you the gist of it and leave my jokes and comments out. Who knows, maybe one of you can find the story and, I hope, can email me the link so I can do the story justice. It really was that good. My email is if you find it.

The story- to help combat the rise in child molestation around the area of the Catholic church, the Pope has commanded all churches to pray for an end: nothing more and plenty less.

Please find the story for me. I am dying to make my snide comments and really, really want the source. I almost compared Billy Joel to Bob Dylan last night instead I was so desperate for a rant.

Thank you for your support.


VE said...

I say post it...those that want to check and confirm your facts and opinions will do so anyway. Make 'em work for it...

Nessa said...

I think you should post it. I always believe everything you say. I don't need no stinkin' proof.

Serena Joy said...

I'm glad you found your source ... but I wouldn't mind seeing a comparison of Billy Joel & Bob Dylan.:-)

Camille Alexa said...

I think you're the first certified case of rant-withdrawal I've ever seen.