Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Third Post in a Day? Is the World Ending?

OK, so today is a triple post day. I know, I know. I don't usually post even once a day, let alone twice and now three times, but I have never had a request before. See, the first post today was a copy of the first song parody I ever wrote from way back in 1985. Then, while reading the news on the Drudge Report I saw the story of the student in Gainesville getting tased by the cops there. It made me rather upset and I felt the need to show it to anyone who may have A) missed it last night and B) stumbled upon my site.

After a good debate with Goldenlib I am starting to think maybe I over reacted to the video. As much as it does show, it does not show everything and therefore I really cannot comment on the cop's behavior. I am guilty of committing two of my most hated sins- bandwagon joining and conclusion jumping. I still feel what I feel, but since I am trying to be a good writer, I should have held off on my opinions until all the facts are out. I am sorry for sinning.

Now the third post, which is actually a sort of response to or continuation of my first, the song parody. In the comments to that post, there was a request from a new arrival. Since I am not above sucking up to new people I am now going to try my best to fulfill it.

“ I don't like 'ludes.” said Goldenlib. “Can you do a song using a different kind of drug?”

Why yes, Goldenlib. Yes, I believe I can. Do you like Marijuana? Do you like Steppenwolf? Do you like them together? Can anyone really like Steppenwolf without Marijuana? Sit back and inhale for this golden oldie:

To the tune of “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf

I like to smoke (yeah)
Lots and lots and lots of dope
When I cough real hard
I get real high
Brings the red out in my eyes
You can look
Stoned on the floor is where I'm found

I don't know what
I just smoked
Why don't you pass that bong over here
And let me take another toke (yeah)
I can't say where
Is my mind
Why don't you pass those chips over here
Cause I can't think of words to rhyme

Feeling stoned girl
Sorry, I zoned girl
I lose more braincells everyday

How was that one? I hope passed the audition. =D


Nessa / Goldennib said...

That was rad, man. I do have the munchies now. Thanks.

I enjoyed our debate. Even when we are shown videos, it is not easy to tell what's going on. And I love playing Devil's Advocate.

ThatGreenyFlower said...

Bwa! Love it!

Serena Joy said...

LOL, Kan. That rocks!

VE said...

Excellent parody. I decided to throw my song parodies as a separate section on the side panel of my blog. That way I can just put them out there without disturbing my normal posts I do for the day. Plus, it doesn't turn my blog into a parody blog. I like doing it that way because there is no pressure then. Sometimes they jump out at me from news events, sometimes they don't!

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